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1st Satge

Our first process is to service your headlight and remove the oxidation through sanding, starting with a

low grit sand paper and working our way up to a higher grit depending on the severity of the headlight.

Your vehicle's paint and trim will be protected while we service your headlight. 

The yellowing and cloudliness will be removed from your headlight along with paint

over spray and bug stains through our first stage of sanding. The kind of damage

that cannot be removed from a headlight are rock chips, cracks, and condensation.  


2nd Stage

Here at HD Paint and Collision, our 2nd stage for headlight restoration will include polishing your

lenses. Our polishing stage will shine up the headlights and get them looking new again. 


3rd and Final Stage

Lastly, our third and final stage will include sealing the lenses of your headlight. For an extended time,

this stage helps to protect the lenses from cloudiness and yellowness. It locks the polish in place

and will have your lenses looking new again.

The customer can continue to keep their lenses looking new by applying these 3 small step.

1. Hand your vehicle. 

2. Minimize sun exposure. 

3. Use a UV protectant spray on the lenses and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. 

These steps will help to extend the shine of your headlights.



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