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About Owners

Christ Centered. Family  Legacy.  Community. 

HD Paint and Collision is a Christian Family-Owned Business. Hurtis and Jonnita Deveroux began the beginning stages of HD Paint and Collision inside their garage, doing light auto body work. Those first few years were true humble experiences as they worked hard to get the business off the ground and into a brick and mortar facility. As the front runner for HD Paint and Collision, Hurtis Deveroux, born in Oklahoma City and raised on the Eastside of OKC, received his degree in auto paint from Oklahoma State University. He has been an auto painter for over 23 years. His experience and expertise in auto collision has given him many opportunities from painting Langston, Oklahoma’s fire truck to even working with a OKC Thunder Player. Hurtis has always wanted to work on cars from the time he was a small child at the age of 6. At the age of 15, his mother, Castine Deveroux, was killed in the OKC Bombing. This tragedy devastated Hurtis but with God, he was able to heal and honor his mother by focusing on his love for cars. With hard work, consistency and a strong focus; his dream came true. Hurtis took a step of faith in 2012 to leave his full-time job to start HD Paint and Collision. 

Hurtis's wife, Jonnita, was all in to work alongside him with the process. Raised in Langston, OK, Jonnita is a true country gal and coffee addict at heart. Jonnita's background of public speaking and assisting  new start up non-profits to get off the ground, matched perfectly when Hurtis was ready to launch HD Paint and Collision. From customer service to the daily operations/logistics that is required to run a business, Jonnita was ready for the challenge. 


With 17 years of marriage, raising 2 teenagers and a toddler, Hurtis and Jonnita are focused on building a strong entrepreneurship legacy for their family while serivng their community. They hope to instill within their children the vision that has been a strong stance for them. Which is to, Live out the Word of God daily, make family your highest priority, and run your business with honor, integrity and trustworthiness. 


HD Paint and Collision’s mission is to lead our business with Christian values, serve our customers with integrity, provide quality parts and excel in customer service. We value serving our community through providing educational and hands-on training to high school students. 


As a busy working family, Hurtis and Jonnita know that time is a treasure.Their auto facility is geared to meet the demands of customers that lead busy lives. We hope to service you in the near future.

Your Vision. Our Expertise. 

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